COLOR CAMERA (Miniature - High resolution and High sensitivity)

Characteristics & functions

  • High resolution
  • Super miniature model
  • Various lenses available
  • Functional settings can be set as desired by using the Active Visual
  • Mate(Optional)
  • White balance control
  • Electronic iris
  • AGC
  • Back light compensation


  • Effective pixels: 380k(N), 440k(P)
  • Resolution: 450TVL 
  • Minimum illumination: 0.7lx. F2.0
  • Gain control: AGC(6-30dB) 
  • Back light compensation: ON
  • S/N ratio: 50dB 
  • Shutter speed: EI(1/60(N) or 1/50(P)-1/100,000)
  • White balance: ATW(2500K-9500K) 
  • Available lenses: G3.8(Glass), P3.7(Pin hole)
  • Option lenses: G1.9, G2.5, G6.0, G8.0, G12.0, G25.0(Glass)
  • Weight: 39g 



  • AGC OFF, fixed shutter speed and/or color temperature

Possible Camera Applications

  • The image processing. For example, the Agricultural monitoring (harvesting, milking and others...)

      • Indeed, thanks to its small size, the camera WATEC WAT-240 allows a multitude of applications, such as the observation of a set of teeth of the patient by a dentist, or, in the automation of the electronic milking machine, to help in the machine to find the pacifiers of cows. In addition to that, the system of automatic control in fact a camera adapted for these types of applications.